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“Human Music is born out of a longtime friendship, a deep, talented community, and a real love for music making. We keep the bar really high, because unfortunately, we still have to look at ourselves in the mirror and try to sleep at night with a (mostly) clear conscience. After all, we’re only Human.”
Scott and Ken

Becoming Human

At the heart of Human Music are Nashville music veterans and longtime humans Ken Lewis and Scott Dente. The two started out the 90’s as touring musicians with a bit more hair and not much sense. They eventually came off of the road, battle weary and basically broke. The fellas settled into a steady career as session players, playing on all sorts of recordings for over 25 years. This valuable experience taught them many important lessons that they would carry forward as producers, lessons such as,”don’t record crappy songs”, “your daddy’s money doesn’t mean you can sing” and “ProTools can’t fix a stupid lyric”. That list goes on.

As the 2000’s unfolded and the music business sputtered and coughed and seemed to run out of gas, Ken and Scott traveled different paths as record producers, small label owners, wannabe marketing mavens and A&R men. Eventually they tired of cutting their way through the tangled underbrush and scattered ruins of the “music biz” on their own. 

A fortuitous coffee meeting ensued and they found out that they sucked at different things, which seemed like a good reason to start a new company. That production company became the springboard for many album projects and more importantly, their foray into Production Music. Thousands of cues later, with a fantastic team of co-writers, players and tech geeks assembled, the boys were ready to do their own thing. That thing is Human Music.

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